Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome and Enjoy

Welcome to our website. We have a talented group of new authors here. I know you'll find many books to enjoy; from mystery thrillers to self help and much, much more.

My offering is a murder mystery, A Lifetime of Deception, the second in the McKinney Brothers Murder Mystery series. You can read about it here on or you can link to my website at

I have a number of book signings and discussions scheduled in and around north and central Ohio. A schedule of those events is on my website. I'll keep the schedule updated as more dates are added.

In the mean time, pick up a book, sit back and relax. Unless you're reading a murder mystery that chills you to the bone. Happy reading!

P. J. Grondin
A Lifetime of Vengeance
A Lifetime of Deception

Book Signing

I will be appearing at Barnes and Noble, Medford, Oregon on August 16th from 1:00 to 3:00pm to sign my non-fiction book In the Shadow of the Mosque.

Nothing prepared me, a middle-aged American housewife, for life or for my culturally shocking, mind-broadening experiences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I lived in a walled United Nations compound at the north end of the port city of Jeddah, with about forty other families from all corners of the world. We were truly an international community, but from the daily prayer calls which regulated our lives, to the stern admonishment from the Committee for the Promulgation of Virtue and the Elimination of Vice, we all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, lived In the Shadow of the Mosque.

If you're anywhere in the vicinity of Medford, Oregon, on August 16th, please stop by.

Jura MacLean Sherwood

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Congratulations to Our Authors

Dear Authors,
I am excited to be writing the first blog about our new co-op, Books of Excellence. I think the site is beautiful thanks to our designer, Lynnette Shelley. Hopefully you will post information to this blog about your books and share information that will help other members of the group. Also, whenever you have a new work published, this will be the place to announce it!
The members of this co-op refuse to allow the tragedies of our past experience with Airleaf Publishing to extinguish our spirit. We are moving ahead and letting others know how we value our hard work. Whenever you have events such as book signings or new books published, this is the place to announce it. Let our other members know about you and your success.
Good luck to all of us as we launch our new endeavor. Thank you for believing in me and this new project.
Love, Bonnie Kaye

Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome to Books of Excellence

Books of Excellence
Author's Co-Operative

The idea behind the Books of Excellence Co-Op is to give authors an opportunity to share their books with other authors in the group who will in turn spread the word to their friends and families. They will also help promote the site by linking it whenever possible to personal websites. The site will also advertise on the Internet and through press releases to help generate sales.

Authors in the co-op are required to buy five (5) books annually from other authors on the site to help generate book sales and interest. Every time a book is purchased by a member of the group, a note is sent to the author.

Each author is allowed to promote one book on the website front page. In addition, each author is provided with a personal page to share book or books information as part of the membership.
In addition to our author members, we are allowing sponsors to advertise on the site. These are companies which have been checked out by various author members and recognized for their excellent work. It is NOT an endorsement of any particular service, but an acknowledgement that the companies have been used satisfactorily by our members. If there is at any time questionable ethics brought to the attention of the co-op organizer, the sponsor will be removed from the group.

Books of Excellence grew out of the tragedy of one of the largest predatory publishing scams in American history perpetrated by Airleaf Publishing. Their stories can be found at In the year of unraveling this horrific crime where authors were robbed for over 2 million dollars in publishing and promotional services, the victims who are part of this group looked for ways to promote their books on their own. One way of moving forward was to start this co-op. Although the site is primarily comprised of authors who were Airleaf victims, it is also open to other people who publish books independently.

If you would like more information or if you would like to be a member of the co-op, contact Bonnie Kaye at Please visit or website at