Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's up to you and me to save OUR planet!

Despite major scientific studies, environmental catastrophes, and repeated warnings, the U.S. government has FAILED to address OUR generations most pressing concern: Global Warming!
It's up to "We The People" to do what's right to protect OUR Planet; Air, Land & Water, along with the endangered species that share OUR world.
We can't rely on greedy anti-environmental administrations to do what's right for OUR well-being...
I am the author of: Rock With Rodney & Party With Perky to Preserve Wildlife.
It's a fiction/non-fiction; the facts, in which they speak, of what has, is and continues to happen to OUR environment, their safe-guarding laws and habitats is the non-fiction material I've received from many grassroots organizations working hard to save OUR Planet (their addresses are in the back). However, the characters, and where they live in Leppelin County, upstate NY is the fiction. Chapter 6 entitled: People Are Strange - is about anti-environmental Bush, his administation and polluting campaign contributors; big oil, timber, nuclear, development...
This is the first of a series; in Rock With Rodney & Party With Perky to Preserve Wildlife 2, the chapter: People Are Strange...Still got to be over 300 pages, I decided to write a seperate book of the full anti-environmental bush report, since day one of being elected, 2001 to the present ~ OUR lost eight years, in Extended: People Are Strange !
Together, we can win!

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